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Photo Gallery

We have chosen samples of work that have been favorites of those who have visited our booth at Quilt & Sewing Shows throughout the country.   If you have a favorite that you would like to see, please let us know.

If you have seen our wonderful Fiber Lace Scarves at shows, you probably have asked what type of thread we used on our sewing machine.  If you are making a scarf, you will need a thread strong enough to go into your bobbin as well as the top thread of your machine.  We love the look of metallic and have finally discovered a thread that is strong enough and doesn't break for us.  It is Madeira Metallic Thread in a 20 weight.  We have carried it at shows and after many requests, have added it to our web site.   Take time to look at the "What's New" page and you will see the colors we carry.

If you are looking for a different color, go to www.madeiramart.com to see the colors available and we will be happy to order it for you. To get to the color chart click on Thread, Metallic then click on the button for FS 20 Weight.

Since we offer free shipping & handling in the USA & Canada, it's worth the wait if we have to order it for you.

The 1st sample below is a decorative stitch using color 480 (Pastel Variegated) in both the top thread and bobbin thread of the sewing machine.

The 2nd sample below is an Amethyst Scarf using color 483 (Blue Variegated) in both the top thread and bobbin thread of the sewing machine.

When trying to prevent the "home made" look, I always seem to have a problem with button holes.  This problem has finally been eliminated with the discovery of Button Clasps.  What a fabulous way to finish a garment.  Check out "What's New" to see all of the designs we have available.


Punch Needle embroidery is growing in popularity and creates fabulous designs.  If your pattern calls for regular embroidery floss, try replacing it with a textured fiber.  On the Santa design below, we replaced embroidery floss on the hat trim with soft sensation for a fabulous result!

Needle Tatting is a great alternative to Shuttle Tatting.  You end up with the same results but can teach yourself and the process is much easier.  The piece below was made using the Needle Tatting technique with size 20 variegated cotton thread.

Fiber Lace....what a great technique to use your Fabulous Fibers.  Using water soluble paper with adhesive on the bottom and a water soluble film on top, you can create a stunning piece of fiber lace that can be used as a scarf or a replacement for fabric in a garment, quilt or what ever else your imagination can think of!  Check out all of our Fiber Lace supplies.




Machine embroidery combined with Fabulous Fibers is a great combination.  We embroidered the Santa by machine, skipping the color white on his beard.  We then stitched Peluche by hand to give his beard dimension and a soft furry texture. 

The Santa was then inserted into pre-cut greeting card.  A fabulous design suitable for framing!

Pigment Dyed Sweatshirts & Hand Dyed Ribbon

Our most popular product is Authentic Pigment sweatshirts embellished with Hand Dyed Ribbon.  It is a fast easy way to create a great looking garment for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

We love meeting you face to face at shows in your area.  Our booth is always a busy place!

Cherrywood Fabrics

If you haven't seen Cherrywood Hand Dyed Cotton fabric, you don't know what you are missing.  They are 100% cotton with the look of ultra suede.  The fabric kits include 8 graded colors and have a solid coordinating fabric and variegated thread for embellishing. This is our table displaying vests by Sew Mini Pieces using Cherrywood Fabrics and Fabulous Fibers.



Here is a close-up example of Fabulous Fibers couched by machine on a vest made with Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics.  The pattern used is Pathways & Crossings.

  We will include free couching instructions with your purchase of Fabulous Fibers.


The following 2 blocks are examples of our top selling kits and threads for hand embroidery.  Break away from traditional Red Work or cotton floss and try a variegated thread instead.  We think you will love the end result.


This block is part of a group from Embroidery Kit #6.  It has been hand embroidered with DMC 80 color 109.  Traditionally, this thread has been used for fine Tatting and Crochet.  This thread is light weight and gives you a very delicate look.  We love using it for hand or machine embroidery and quilting.  


This block is a part of Embroidery Kit #21 and has been hand embroidered with Olympus size 40 color M8.  This thread is slightly heavier then DMC 80 but light enough to use on detailed embroidery.  It is also great for hand or machine quilting.  Olympus is imported from Japan and is a very high quality thread which results in fabulous color and stitch detail.  

Beaded Pendent Bags

Although the book for bead knitted bags by Bag Lady Press has been around a long time, it continues to be a favorite at shows.  We also offer a 1 hour seminar that many of you have attended.  We go through all of the steps beginning with transferring the beads to the perle cotton to embellishing your bag with tassels.  They look complicated but are a very easy project to complete.  The bags can be worn around your neck, displayed in a frame or with dolls and make great gifts.  Here are some of our favorites.

This White Crystal bag has been embellished with a purse charm and glass heart beads on the tassels.

This bag was made with Finca variegated perle cotton and white crystal beads.  You can use white crystal with any thread color to create a fabulous look.  We embellished with fish charms and made the tassels look like strands of coral.

This bag is a favorite of everyone that sees it.  We used gold beads with ecru thread.  The purse frame is 2" wide and we included large dagger beads on the tassels.  It is small enough to wear.

This bag was made with a triangle flap with Gun Metal beads and silver/gray thread.  It is embellished with small dagger beads on the flap and large dagger beads with 4mm round cut beads on the tassels.

As time permits, we will add more to our photo gallery.    If you have any questions or comments, please email us at Nancy@fabulousfibers.com 

Thanks for visiting us!


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